Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows: The Woman and Her Journey

I want to thank all the people who sent me "Get Well" wishes after my return from England. The day after I returned, the doctor told me that I had pneumonia and I have been lying-low since. Well, now I am getting back to work and raring to go! The trip was a great success and I found soooo much Anna May Wong materials and can't wait until my return trip to England during March 2012 or before. This Chinese American woman was "amazing"! I've research her life and accomplishments for over 14 years and still find no end to the new discoveries to this pioneering-spirited woman.

This was a small promo trailer that we put together in 2005: . Enjoy.

Will post up-dates of the England trip in our next posting. Excuse me, now I have to get back to working on "ANNA MAY WONG ~ FROSTED YELLOW WILLOWS: THE WOMAN AND HER JOURNEY".

Our official 2007 trailer for "Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend" (2007)