Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anna May Wong's Personal Collection

A few of you may know that Miss Anna May Wong (1905-1961) had donated her personal collection (letters, photos, and other precious mementos which she had been collecting throughout her career) to a major public library (not in California). I believe this happened between 1955-1958. I was fortunate enough to see a few remaining items that existed during the late 1990's. Sadly, much of the collection was not properly stored or preserved.

During the 14 years that I have been researching Miss Wong, I have gathered 1,500+ photographs and postcards; over 450 magazines (published between the 1910's-1960); rare film footage; rare radio performances; personal correspondences; original film lobby cards and posters; personal items and the many precious and invaluable interviews that I have been able to record. I also have been trying to piece her life not only by year but by month and if possible by day to day. Hopefully, this will be preserved and be accessible for future generations.

My dedication to research and properly document Anna is because that is my personal definition of a true documentarian. I am a gather of facts and documentation to verify and justify "her" truth. The historical and academic importance of this Chinese woman born in America during a time that few of us really know about is what is relevant. Much of my findings has saddened me and even suprised me as you will later find out.

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