Educational, Library, and Institutional "Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows" DVDs Special '2016' Price

Educational, Library, and Institutional Anna May Wong DVDs Special '2016' Price:

The Educational, Library, and Institutional purchase of “Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend” title are leased for the life of the product for non-commercial educational in-house use in:
• Educational Institutions
• Public Libraries
• Community Groups
• Media Centers
• Religious Groups
• Community Groups
• and other similar institutions
on a "limited-license" which prohibits any broadcasts, duplication, public screenings, conference screenings, admission charges, rental fees, and circulation to non-registered students and/or non-organizational personnel (except for public libraries where circulation is allowed for private individuals for personal home viewing only). Purchase of our Educational, Library, and Institutional titles constitutes an agreement to these terms.

Academic/Archival [Limited-License] DVD at the price of  US$ 250..00
Add 9.75 % CA tax ( US$ 24.39 ) where applicable and
S & H charge: US$ 8.00 (U.S.) ~ US$ 16.00 (International)

Please go to: [UPDATES] for further information.
Also, email us through our website: ( [UPDATES] to inquire about other licensing information, public performance rights and public screenings.  Mail the request w/ Attention:  Kathy  Thank you.