Sunday, July 19, 2009

Updates on Australian Premiere in Melbourne

Anna May Wong: her life, time and legend
A special event on 29 August 2009
22 Cohen Place
Chinatown Melbourne

3:30pm Remembering Chinatown Self-guided heritage walk
Life in the 1930s in Chinatown when Anna May Wong visited
Australia. $10 per person
5:00pm Recollections of Anna May in Australia
Presented by:
Sophie Couchman, Curator of the Chinese Museum
Chinatown - a part of Melbourne’s theatre district
Elaine Mae Woo, Producer
The life and legend of Anna May Wong
Derham Groves, Historian and Lecturer at Melb. University
Anna May’s visit to Australia
$15 per person including entry to the Museum

Dinner in Chinatown 9-course Chinese Meal. $35 per person

Shanghai Express
Screening at ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving
Image, Federation Square, Melbourne. Bookings in person at
the ACMI Box Office or by phone on 03 8663 2583.
Full $13, Concession $10

To learn more about Anna May Wong: