Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chinese American WW II veterans from the 14th Air Service Group and the Army's 987th SP Signal Co


The all-Chinese 987th SP Signal Corps was part of the U.S. Army's China offensive.

The 14th Air Service Group was under the command of Col. Eric H. Kaeppel, which was attached to the 14th Air Force [The Flying Tigers] consist of the units:
14th Air Service Group (14th ASG) Hqs. and Hqs. SQ.
407th Air Service SQ. - reassigned to the 14th ASG while in China
555th Air Service SQ.
1157th Signal Co. - reassigned to the 14th ASG while in China
1544th Ordinance Co.
1545th Ordinance Co.
1077th Quarter Master Co.
2121st Quarter Master Truck Co.
2122nd Quarter Master Truck Co.